Saturday, March 16, 2013

Creating Gumpaste Leaves Quick and Easy

Just a few supplies needed and you are ready to begin... 

Board to work on
Softening pad
Cornstarch, wires, egg white or gum glue
Spatula and/or Veiner
Drying container

1. Roll a ball of gumpaste
Note- Depending on how large a leaf you want depends how big a ball of gumpaste is needed. 
2. Shape it into a cone shape, insert a wire and taper the bottom to a point too.

3. Using either a spatula or veiner flatten the ball of paste. If you are veining the leaf you can use the veiner
Note- use cornstarch to prevent sticking to the board and veiner when flattening

 3 After it is flattened roll it upwards to elongate and thin out further.

 4. Place on veiner and gently vein, soften the edges then pinch the central vein.

5. Shape leaf and place on tray to dry. Since these are so small they dry quickly and don't loose shape laying in a tray. If you make larger leaves you can lay on foam or put fewer in container.

 You are ready to add the petal dust and assemble...

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