Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Grooms Cake Lei

Summer seems the time for tropical flowers and I have had many orders for Plumerias, Hibiscus and Orchids. I am not complaining mind you since I love to make tropical flowers. They also seem to be a favorite of many people too.

I met my customer at the Orange County Fair where she saw the tropical arrangement I had. She was looking for something different for the grooms cake and she also wanted flowers for the brides cake. The flower she wanted for the grooms cake were the traditional flowers in a lei, so I thought why not make a lei for the cake. She loved the idea. She wanted bright for the brides cake and I love bright so it was a go.

I think the only challenge was figuring out how many flowers I would need to make a lei the right size for the cake. I guesstimated and was right on.. wiring flowers together in a circle formation isn't that hard it is just tricky to not them break as I move the lei around to attach the next flower. I was very pleased how it turned out and I think I will be making a couple other lei's with different flowers..

here is the finished lei...

gumpaste epidendrum orchid lei