Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Busy creating while away....

I have been away from my blog for over a month

In the past month or so I have been very busy creating new flowers and coming up with new ideas. I seem to have a list as long as I am tall of all the flowers I want to make. But the problem has always been what to make next.

So many flowers to make so very little time it seems. 

On my list to make are Sweet Peas. I had made them once when I first learned sugar flowers many years ago. I don't have them now or any photos of them. But, I do remember I made them pink. So, of course I decided when I make them they will be pink.

Photo of real sweet Pea's for a design idea 

I love how delicate and intricate they look to make. Just after making my first one I discovered they aren't difficult at all but I can say they are a bit time consuming. I always tend to choose flowers that are small and require a several to create an arrangement. Not by choice it just happens that way.

So, I looked up several on the computer to get the details needed for the flower plus to see the leaves that go along with them. I didn't remember they had tendrils which really add to the arrangement and really help them look more realistic.

Here are my Pink Sweet Peas that I just created.

Sweet Peas in gumpaste