Thursday, January 26, 2012

The making of the Moth Orchid Part 1

Surprise... I decided to post a basic mini tutorial on the Moth Orchid instead of only the finished flower. Being a very popular orchid request and very beautiful I think it is a good choice.

This is a basic mini tutorial since not all steps are shown or explained in detail.
Hope you enjoy it...

Tools and supplies used

  Double sided moth orchid veiner,
Moth Orchid cutter set, 
Apple trays or similar for drying,
egg white, crisco, cornstarch,
26g wire,
rolling pins, 
cups and formers (sometimes used) 
(depends if I want the petals very curved or not)

 Making the Petals
This board has grooves so when you roll the gumpaste out it creates the ridge to insert the wire.

  • Roll the gumpaste out over the grooves, rolling high enough the cutter fits to cut out shape
  • Remove and turn the gumpaste over so veining lines face up to see where to place cutter
  • Place the bottom of the cutter down and centered over the vein
  • Press down firmly to cut through the gumpaste, remove excess and wrap up
  • Do the same for all 5 petals.
  • Keep them under plastic to prevent them from drying out while working with them

  You need 2 wings, 2 legs, 1 head

Using a 26g white wire insert it into the gumpaste about 1/2 way up or  just a little less

  • Lay the petal on a soft pad with the plain side up
  • Soften the edges using the rolling pin along the edge of the gumpaste, don't frill
  • Place the petal in the veiner and press firmly. Might need to add some cornstarch it paste is tacky
  • Lay the petal in a curved former plain side down. I use apple or avocado trays or similar
  • Do the same with the rest of the petals. The wings, legs, and head using the appropriate veiners
  • Leave to dry firm overnight

 Softening the edges

 Before veining

 After veining

Petal drying

Part 2 will be how to make the throat and column

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Celebration of Artists Downtown Huntington Beach

Huntington Beach is holding their 2nd annual Celebration of artist who participated this past year. I am very happy I will be part of it this Wednesday, January 18th. The artists can bring one piece of art to display. Everyone is invited and hopefully their will be a huge turnout.

I participated this past December for the first time and I am looking forward to sharing my sugar art among the many other artists.  So many flowers to choose from to bring just one sample..

 I know what I will have on display. I love tropical flowers and it seems to big a favorite of many...

Gumpaste hibiscus, plumeria, and