Monday, November 14, 2011

Teaching Gumpaste Flowers

Hello everyone,

I want to thank you for following my blog to see what new flowers I am making and information about what I do.

I started out wanting to only sell gumpaste flowers, but the more demo's I do and the more classes I teach I found I do love to teach gumpaste flowers. I have been searching out places to allow me to teach on a regular basis and meeting with many different people who are in the culinary and flower world.

In the past I would call those I found to meet with but noticed when I just show up with samples of sugar flowers in hand and they can actually see and touch, I have had many more doors open for me.

I had a couple of very nice meetings last week and will update my blog when I hear back from the two businesses I met with. I am working down my list of those I believe would be a great place to demo and teach and look forward to more doors opening.

Thanks again everyone for following me and those who would like more classes thanks for waiting. 

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Deciding on Gumpaste Flowers or Fresh Flowers

I get a lot of inquiries about purchasing gumpaste (sugar) flowers for special occasion cakes. There are  many people who have only been able to see them on the Internet or the Food Channel.
Custom gumpaste (sugar) flower arrangement
The gumpaste flowers I make are custom made to look life like. It is something I love to do. They are all hand made and the color is all added by hand with petal dust and paint brushes. You might order several of the same flower which you will get but no two will be identical. That is what is so nice... just like the real ones

Every demo I do I lay out the many different gumpaste flowers and every one comes up to the table to take a closer look. Those who haven't seen them in person are amazed at how real I actually make them look. All but the smell, really. It makes me smile very big to get such fantastic compliments.

Everyone is very curious to feel them and I always bring some sample petals or flowers for people to touch. Although they look real with the shapes and colors of the petals they can break (snap) when pressed between your fingers too hard. But, if handled properly they can last indefinitely.

This brings me to the question should you have fresh or gumpaste flowers on your cake?

Some reasons to consider having gumpaste flowers

If a flower is out of season and you really want it
If you are looking for a flower in a particular color you can't find
You would like a custom flower possibly a cross between a couple of flowers
You would like something different  
They can last indefinitely if handled properly
They make a great keepsake
You can even gift them to someone else
They are very nice to have on display

Cost of course is another factor when purchasing any item. Just keep in mind.
 Fresh flowers can't be compared to custom gumpaste flowers and custom gumpaste flowers can't be compared to pre-made gumpaste flowers. It is all preference and what you are looking for.