Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Art Walk Huntington Beach

I was quite happy to get an email telling me I will be part of this Months Art Walk. This is an event where artists display their work in different businesses in Downtown Huntington Beach the 3rd Wed of each month. Several businesses offer their store fronts and visitors to Huntington Beach can enjoy not only our Downtown area but this Art Showing.

I have been working on creating new arrangements in containers for display. For me making the sugar flowers is much easier and less time consuming than arranging. So, all day I have been unwiring and rewiring the sugar flowers I have to create new arrangements.

Can't wait till tomorrow night!!!

I will include photos just as soon as I finish it all which will be later this evening. 

If you would like to see more about the Art Walk I have shared the link

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tulips....more than one species and color

I wanted to make some tulips and only know of the standard variety I see at the florists or at the market.   As I was looking through my flower supplies I found a catalog on tulips which I have had for a few years now. I had only glanced through it but kept it, and I sure am glad since I found different variety of tulips advertised. This led me to the Internet to search further.

Searching for a type of flower takes me longer than actually making them. I have an idea of what colors I want to use then I have to find samples of how they are grown. This is when I kind of go crazy and can't decide. For the tulips here are a few I saved to refer to when adding the color.

closed and open tulip to see shading and center
sample of another variety of tulip with wonderful color
So, after I save several photos I look at the shading and colors and just go for it. I don't always copy the color as I see it and sometimes I combine colors from a couple different flowers. I just like to get ideas and when it is time add the color I have an idea what I want to end up with.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

New flower creations

Yes, I have been busy making some new gumpaste flowers

I get grand idea's I will be able to make many different flowers in a short period of time. But in reality I need to make several petals per flower, then each arrangement needs several flowers plus leaves and buds. So, it turns out it takes a few days to make just one arrangement.

I am in the process of finishing another gumpaste hydrangea in green with some shades of purple. For now here are the ones I have completed. I will be putting them in differenta arrangements shortly after I make a few more pieces to complete them.
Gumpaste golden wings rose
gumpaste slipper orchids

Purple gumpaste hydrangea