Saturday, November 27, 2010

Teaching gumpaste flowers

Would you like to learn gumpaste flowers and decorated cookies?

I am getting an interest list of those who would like to learn how to make gumpaste flowers. I am planning to teach here in Huntington Beach, CA if I am able to get enough people who are interested.

Although I don't post the decorated cookies I make I am also planning on teaching that as well. You can see what I do on my website

If you know anyone in the Orange County, CA area please let them know. Meanwhile, I am working on some new sugar flowers and hope to have them posted in the next week or so...

Sunday, November 7, 2010

What sugar flower should I make?

That is always the hard decision for me because I want to make so many. I don't like to make just one of a flower and it sometimes takes a few to get them to look just like I want them. Although I have books I look at for many of the flowers, I do like to tweek them a bit. Then, I forget to write down what I did for the next time. I don't write the colors down I use either because I like them to be just a bit different each time. So, now I have been thinking of making the Cherry Blossom, Sweet Peas, or another Orchid. Since Christmas is coming I am wondering if I should make some Christmas flowers. Maybe I can find a shop in the mall who will let me display them. I really won't know what sugar flower I will make until I start, since being artistic I never stick to my plans.. it will be a surprise what I post..

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Colette's Catering Extraordinaire

Working with Colette's Catering in Orange County, California

I am very excited about working with Colette's Catering in Orange County, California. 

She is now offering my gumpaste flowers to her clients and has dedicated an entire page to show my work.   I can't tell you enough how wonderful it is to know the gumpaste flowers I create are now another option for her clients to consider as part of their cake design. Her cakes are simply fantastic and I love that the gumpaste flowers I create can be part of them.

Please visit the page of my gumpaste flowers when you are looking at her site.

Please also visit her blog 
Colette's Catering in Orange County, California.

Succulents are becoming popular

When I made my first succulent arrangement I did so because I liked the look and I thought to myself can a gumpaste succulent really look real?? Well, it took me a few tries to get the look I was going for and to figure out how thick to make each petal so it wouldn't be too heavy when added to a cake. Amazingly, they are very light and I think they look fantastic as an arrangement on a cake.

Succulents and Kumquats

This one I added to the top tier was my first attempt and I was so excited it turned out so nicely I have since made more. Now, I am going to look for different types and colors of succulents and make a variety of them since I really do like how they look on cakes..

I am also very excited about working with Colette's Catering who is now selling my gumpaste flowers.

Damask design with succulent

She liked the succulents and asked for a sample cake for her display showroom with a damask look. This is what I came up with and it all fits together very nicely.