Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My First Alsterimariea

I love this flower and their colors. I have been wanting to make them for a long while. I don't have the proper cutters.
I decided to search through the many cutters I do have and found a couple that would work.

After a couple of tries with a few cutters I found, I narrowed it down to the two that are working. One is from the  Bamboo Orchid and the other is from the French Tulip.  I trimmed the inner petals to make them thinner and elongated the outer petals and I think I am almost there. I still need to make the yellow center petals a bit thinner and smaller and the outside petals a bit wider but for my first attempt I am pretty pleased. 

Yes, I want them to look just like the sample of the fresh flower I am using. I also have to work on the coloring a bit more to blend the painted lines so they blend more and look more natural.   

Gumpaste Alsterimariea or Gumpaste Peruvian Lily

 This is really wonderful learning to make gumpaste flowers from a fresh sample.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Cherry Blossoms are blooming

I believe it is past cherry blossom season,
but I finally had the chance to make
them and create these lovely branches.

Gumpaste Cherry Blossoms

When I make flowers for the first time I like to make a few so I can get the hang of it and perfect them. Since I needed many little flowers to create one branch it took me a while longer as I needed so many. I made open ones, partially opened and buds..

I often think about taking pictures as I make them but then as I begin I forget all about it till after they are all complete.. Luckily I had a chance to take some pictures of the process. It is the same as most flowers rolling the gumpaste very thin, cutting out the petals, softening them, adding texture, shaping them, laying them to dry, dusting them with dusting powder and finally assembling and arranging them. It is a long process, but for me well worth it. I intend to make more but don't know when with all the sugar flowers I have on my list I want to make.

I hope you enjoy looking at them
as much as I enjoyed making them.
Please give me any feedback for next time

I found using pink thread made delicate stamens for the flower

Making the center of the gumpaste cherry blossom

using the handy 5 petal cutter

Threading the gumpaste 5 petal flower on the stamens

Soften the petals while adding texture

Drying the gumpaste flower

The finished gumpaste cherry blossoms