Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Not your every day sugar flower

I am always up for a challenge when it comes to making sugar flowers. Although other sugar artists have made all the same flowers I have we all seem to end up with just a different take on it. It is how one sees it or the flower we are modeling it after. Color has to do a lot with I have decided. I love tropical flowers and the unusual. Not that all flowers are great to add to a cake, but they look just great in a nice container.

It is the challenge of making those fragile petals that easily break, getting the right size on an overly sized flower, or just making a flower you have never seen or heard of. No matter what I make it is always a challenge to make it a bit different or better the next time.

Tropical gumpaste flower arrangement
This was the first arrangement I entered in a show. There are Moth Orchids, Antherium, Ginger, Bird of Paradise, Hibiscus, Star of Bethlehem Orchids.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Pink Peony

Pink Peony
This is a sample cake made for Colette's Catering showroom. This is one version or variety of the peony and pink seems to be the most requested color. I love to make these big bold flowers and are stunning on cakes if you want to make a statement.

Pink Peony close up
 This is why I chose this to demo at the Orange County Fair last year. It can be made with limited decorating tools and larger flowers are easier to learn than the small detailed ones I really enjoy to make..

Orange County Fair 2011

July will be here in no time which means it is time for the Orange County Fair from July 11th - Aug 14th. It is in Costa Mesa, California

Wondering why I am writing about the fair? It has a fantastic Culinary department with competitions in sugar art. I am doing my share to promote it, so those in the area hopefully will participate and help make sugar art a bigger part of the fair. It is great fun. They not only have contests and display but have demo's.

There was a wonderful display of featured sugar artists where they designed a rather large display to show what we can create in food and sugar. There was a butter sculpture, an entire section of different items made entirely of bread. Several cakes, cookies, sugar flowers were displayed along with fruit carving and  much more.  Last year they had ice sculptures and the line to view it was never short.

So, please pass the word to those you know to come visit even if you aren't entering any of the competition's. 

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bridal Shows

Sugar flowers seem to be somewhat new to Southern California or the type of custom sugar flowers I create. I have attended several bridal shows to introduce sugar flowers for wedding cakes. I was amazed at how many brides have never seen them before.

Sugar flowers displayed at a Bridal show

There benfefit to having them as opposed to fresh flowers are they can be kept indefenitely to remember your very, very special day. And also make a wonderful keepsake you can display.

Sugar flowers aren't only for wedding cakes remember. They add that extra WOW factor to any cake...