Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Simply Layered Cake Design

Ultimate Cake Off (TV Show)
I wrote once before about my friend Christy who is the owner of Simply Layered. We became friends interning at "Let Them Eat Cake" in Costa Mesa several years ago where we were both interning. After we went our separate ways.

It truly is a small world after all.

About 2 years ago I was at work at my day job and ran into Christy in the parking lot where she worked her day job just around the corner from me. She was building her business and I changed paths to making sugar flowers. We caught up a bit and became friends. She began ordering sugar flowers from me and soon after I started helping her out at times with her orders. It was fun to decorate again.

Her business has grown a lot since we first met and she moved to a bigger rental kitchen. She has also expanded her offering from decorated cakes to include a variety of the best tasting baked goods all made from scratch.  Christy began supplying local Huntington Beach restaurants with her baked goods on a regular basis and hopefully it won't end with just the two.

Mini Treats

The fun part is helping test recipes and assist when I get a chance. I am slow but it's very fun. Who knew how many dishes need to be washed throughout the day.. I really earn all the treats she gives me just from doing the dishes.  

At the end of this month April is the annual "Taste of Huntington Beach". This is where many local restaurants and other food vendors share what they make.. last year Simply Layered won best dessert and this years display and desserts have already been chosen. Only a couple of weeks away and I am very excited to see it all come together.  Can't give away what she is making, but I can say it will be extremely tasty and fun...

The link to see all the fun from last year...   The Taste of Huntington

And how can I forget... I made some sugar flowers for part of her display, so as soon as the event is over I will post some pictures and write a little something...

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's all in the details

Long before sugar flowers I was an avid stitcher... I always loved to create art that was very detailed and intricate. It was my visit to Sweden many years ago I first saw Hardanger stitching which originated in Scandinavia I have read. There were table runners, pillow covers, curtains, table doilies and much, much more created with the type of stitching.

This was my first big project and I added clear beads to it

Hardanger two tone thread and clear beads

You begin with linen cloth and stitch the anchor stitches in a ladder pattern. These are the stitches after your pattern is complete you cut out leaving an empty space. Then with a finer thread you add the stitching patterns that create the lace look.

You shouldn't rush while making Hardanger pieces, since you don't want to cut the wrong sides of the anchor stitches. Yes, I have done that before and yes I was able to fix it but it wasn't fun.

I would give these away as gifts but many I have kept. If ever I should stop making gumpaste flowers I just might pick this up again. But, that won't be for a long long time...

Getting creative

3 styles of needle holders
2 sachets and a table doily

As much as I love to stitch, I think I am more hooked on sugar flowers.. One day I will be able to incorporate both into my life..

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Sunday Afternoon

I hope those who visit my blog notice I have been changing the layout and colors for a new look. It goes along with changing how I arrange the flowers now discovering Ikibana style.

I am also having my website updated to match my blog or my blog will match my website, however you see it.. My wonderful webmaster Doreen came up with the color scheme with just a few suggestions I threw out.. She is absolutely wonderful changing the look of my website just as soon as I give her all the new photos.. That is my project now why I am creating all new flower arrangements.

I have been going through all my sugar flowers unwrapping and undoing flowers. I have also been re-dusting many that have faded or to just brighten them up a bit. Then I have been creating new arrangements so I can take pictures. 

No one really likes to do what they need to do and so it gets put off for a long time. I don't have any extra time, but it has made me feel like I am heading toward total organization and can soon start making new flowers. I have a very long, long list.

I wish I had some photos to post but haven't taken them just yet.. soon, very soon I promise. I know I keep promising to post some pics..

Please keep checking back since I will be sharing all of what I have been doing.

Friday, April 6, 2012


Easter is just a couple of days away and I have been busy creating daffodils in a variety of colors. Every where I go lately they are being sold and with such a variety of colors I see I always find it hard to decide which to choose for my flowers. I am glad I make more flowers than I need so I can play around with the color that much more. My favorite part of making the flowers is adding the color since that is when they really come alive.

Since I am now creating arrangements based on the Ikibana style, and still very much in the  early stages of learning and understanding it I spend a huge amount of time on the Internet. I am looking for ideas and different flower combinations to inspire me and what containers they look nice in. It is fun to see how one flower can be display so many different ways.

Daffodils are a very bold bright little yellow flower with quite the variety of color combinations.  
Here is an example of the many varieties

Here are the lovely daffodils I made. Next, is to choose my design and create a couple of arrangements for this weekend. I will post more pictures when complete.