Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Modern Flower

How to make your own Modern Flower

Supplies needed
Tear Drop cutter
Ball tool or celpin
Foam pad
Apply crate or similar

Cut out tear drop shape
Insert Wire
With ball tool or celpin using foam pad or palm of your hand
     -Gently roll tool of your choice around in a circle over the entire petal to hallow it out slighlty so it curves.
Lay in apple crate or similar with a nice curve and let dry.

I make petals in odd numbers per layer.
Continue as large as you want the flower with any size petals
You can use each size or skip one for a more dramatic look and less petals

Just keep in mind the larger they are the heavier they are and a bit more tricky to wire 
Use the right size gauge wire (strong enough to hold the petal)

Modern Style Flower

My friend Christy of Simply Layered Cake Design 
has requested this particular flower many times.

Christy was describing the flower she wanted as sort of a Modern Peony. Big, bold and simple with no frilling of the petals..something that was Modern!!! I was looking at her with this look that said WHAT???  She knows I make flowers that look real with detail and lots of frills and this was going way outside my box. So, I listened to her description and this is what I ended up making.  It was without frills Big and Bold and really looks Modern.  She has requested this flower several times since and have come to love to make it.

Gumpaste Modern Flower (Peony Style)

Simply Layered won Best Dessert again this year at the Taste of HB

I think we are going to have make this her signature flower 
and name it.. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Fantasy Tulip

I learned this variety of tulip is known as a 
Peony Tulip since it looks like a Peony.

I was searching on line about Tulips and the different colors and types. Just like many flowers there are many varieties and colors... that is what poses the problem for me always, which one and what color do I want to make in sugarpaste???

I came across this beautiful Tangerine color one that really didn't look like a tulip that I am familiar with.  I thought it was just beautiful and had to recreate it in sugar.

They seem to first produce yellow petals as you can see at the base,
 then turn into that beautiful sherbet color..

I didn't have tulip veiners but just had to make this flower anyway and decided I would use the tools and cutters I have and recreate it the best I can.

What I used

A basic leaf cutter
Jem veining tool
Veiner of a flower that looked like a tulip but just not quite.
Apple crate for drying
A lot of shades of orange, pink, yellow, and some green

Here is the what I made and call it my Fantasy Tulip

Since I didn't have the proper veining tools the petal changed shape while veining them by hand with my Jem tool.. I was consistent and was very happy with the end result.. 

Back to the drawing board to create a real double tulip in sugar...

Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Demo Corner

I am always happy to be invited back to do my sugar flower demo at the ORANGE COUNTY FAIR. It might be a little hectic to get so many flowers ready for display and deciding what to make or show.. Then I wonder what flowers I will demo and what to bring..and the big concern will I forget the most important things like my gumpaste???

The day arrives and it all just seems to work out fine. I did make many flowers for display that I offer classes on, and brought some flowers I just love to make and share.

On the first day of the fair I had set all of the flowers up behind me on long tables  that was provided. They didn't have the glass cabinet just yet.

Day 1 of the Orange County Fair

The next day the cabinet arrived and I set up all the flowers in it which I though looked pretty good..

Display is improving....

But, the following day I was given cake stands and plates which just made the display of the sugar flowers just POP...I was very happy!!!

Final Display of gumpaste flowers...
 More people actually noticed them in the case and stopped by to see what I was doing.

Note to self " buy a few cake stands and plates for displaying"

Thanks to everyone who stops by to just look, asks questions or to see my demo...
Love to share the art of sugar flowers

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Day One at the Fair...

OMG... has it really been a whole year since the last fair????

 I had a very good first day.. Ray the fruit carver was there again... he is such a funny guy with lots of fascinating stories.. He attracts tons of fair goers... I will take some photos and post.. Here are a couple from last year...

Ray - fruit carving

Ray - fruit carving

I saw so many friendly familiar faces.... I have a great little spot with lots of space to display my sugar flowers.. My first day I had a couple of visitors come by to see me.. WOW!!! now that was awesome..

Here is a photo of me in action doing a demo adding petal dust to a flower...

Shaile Socher (me) dusting gumpaste orchid petals
Photo by Hollywood Chronicles

I will post more as my two weeks float by too quickly