Friday, April 15, 2011

Spring is in the Air

Here is a sample cake I made with gumpaste Gardenia's, brightly colored Daffodils, Jasmine and a pink Bower of Beauty

Gumpaste Gardenia, Daffodil, Jasmine, Bower of Beauty

Gumpaste Flowers

Not enough hours in my day

Many times I make gumpaste flowers and take pictures of them only when I arrange them for a cake  or display them in a container. I have looked back over my pictures and found a few of them which I posted on a new page I created titled "Gumpaste Flowers"

I am also guilty of making the same flowers repeatedly usually ones that
are requested or the ones I like...                   

I will also try more often to take pictures of the process of making the flowers. I intend to several times but just get caught up in making them and I have to admit I forgot or remember when I am almost done. 

I am going to start making more flowers and posting them on this page to share what I do. Lately, I have been contacted by some people who find me here on my blog when they are looking for a particular flower they would like in sugar.

I would love to thank everyone who stops by to see what I do and promise to start adding more of a variety. Making gumpaste flowers isn't a speedy process and as much as I would love to make a new flower daily it is almost impossible because of all the steps necessary to compete one. I have learned patience, but get very excited to finish to see my creation.

Here is a lovely hibiscus I had made several years ago. This flower is long gone, but this
gives me reason to make some more in different colors..

gumpaste white hibiscus