Friday, August 20, 2010

Tropical Sugar Flower Order

Tropical gumpaste flowers
for "Fresh Ideas" venue
I never excepted so much from entering my cake in the Orange County Fair. As I wrote earlier I had several displays and even did a demo.. I met such great people in the culinary department coordinating it all and the whole experience was just wonderful.

To top it all off I got a sugar flower order from Renee Fontes of "Fresh Ideas" who was the coordinator of the culinary exhibits. You can see her blog at . I made the tropical sugar flower arrangement for the cake she made. You guessed it a tropical themed party...


  1. How cool! I just found you Shaile! We have to keep in touch, the flowers you made for the wedding were perfect, you got raves!

  2. hi shaile, Chef Louise from OC fair... nice to see you~ hope you are well.

  3. glad you found me too.. if you want more flowers let me know.. maybe i can make you some samples for you so you can show people what sugar flowers are.. hope all is good with you to and is the fair doing a big thing next year???