Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 Orange County Fair display cakes and arrangements

Gumpaste roses and orchids
The other area I contributed to was the floral department with the fresh and dried flowers. I had on display a wedding cake with roses, orchids, and filler flowers. It was very nice of the floral department to allow meto be part of them. When I called to inquire about displaying what I do they really couldn't visualize what gumpaste flowers were. It isn't easy to explain except saying they look real.. so I brought over samples and they were very impressed at how real they do look. I was very excited and honored to have my sugarflowers part of their display as well.


My display
Lastly, I was one of the featured artist and I was displaying a few of my sugar flower arrangements. It was a wonderful exhibit with an array of talent from bread sculptures to butter sculptures. 

A short write up
There was fruit carving and decorated cakes to just name a few.. It was a great honor to be part of such talent and share with others what I love to create...

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