Sunday, August 22, 2010

Gumpaste flowers beginnings

My first ever gumpaste flower class

Several years ago I took my first gumpaste flower class with Nicholas Lodge and learned to make a rose. Being that is the most requested flower why not give it try. I remember not even knowing what gumpaste was but saw books about it and thought this could be fun. It was a two hour class with all the tools supplied.  Leaving the class I was very proud of what I had accomplished in the two hours and was totally hooked on making gumpaste flowers.

What I love about gumpaste flowers
Moth Orchids

It is the detail needed and patience required to be able to make something in sugar that looks so absolutely real. I knew that it would take a bit of practice and time to improve my technique so I decided to further my skills by taking more classes. It isn't only the technique of making gumpaste flowers but the shaping of each petal and leaf and adding the color that really makes the flowers look absolutely real.   If it is possible to make a flower in sugar I can make it.

The Rose, the hardest flower for me to learn
Rose, Gaura, Apple Berries

I have to confess that the rose was the hardest flower for me to learn and just don't understand why. I was able to learn and make the tiniest of orchids, the most unusual flowers, but when it came to roses they just stumped me and didn't look natural. I decided to stop making them for a while and keep learning other flowers until one day I had an order.. So, out came the books, a few samples of real roses, my tools, and I started practicing and finally it just clicked. It was the frustration on not getting it perfect in my eyes that held me back and decided to use different rose cutters and style which really helped. I am no longer afraid of the rose and very pleased at how I make them now.


  1. Hi Shaile,

    I'm just a beginner in sugar flowers...but I see it has potential! :)
    Currently learning from a few people and also refering to books...yep, Alan Dunn is one of them.
    I love the way you put your flowers together. Hope to learn from you too!

  2. Wow your work is stunning. I totally agree that roses are really hard to make. You've done a great job mastering it. Can't wait to see another masterpiece :)

  3. Now that I finally mastered the rose I like to make them. There are many different types that I would like to make so I will start learning those as well... thanks