Friday, August 20, 2010

Sugarpaste Pink Dahlias

Pink Dahlias for the Wedding

I had a customer ask me if I could make Dahlias for her daughters wedding cake. She sent a picture of the Dahlias she wanted and I did a bit of research on the Internet about them. I came to find out there are several different types and colors. I then went to the local florists to find the one the customer sent a picture of. Finally, I found it and the same exact color she had requested which thrilled me since it is always nice to have a real flower as reference. 

How the Dahlias came to be

Gumpaste Dahlias for wedding cake
First I had to find a cutter that was the shape and sizes I needed and began trying a few different techniques to find the best way to make them. When it comes to making custom sugar flowers the best way isn't necessarily always the quickest way. How real and life like I can make them is the part I do enjoy the most. Dahlias are a pretty full flower and in sugar it isn't always easy to get them just like you want. After my several different approaches I did find that wiring all the petals individually would work the best.  They can be assembled and arranged much easier and the end result is a much more realistic looking flower. Dahlia petals are quite small and do graduate in size a bit the fuller they become but not much so I had a lot of petals to wire to complete just one flower. I figured out the necessary amount of layers needed and I made 3 different size petals to achieve the flower I wanted.  After the petals were complete I had to make the center of the flower which were very tiny petals not opened yet and very slightly opened. Making that many very tiny petals was too bulky so I ended up taking a small ball of sugarpaste and cutting it to look like closed petals that were opening then making a few tiny petals to attach around it before adding the individually wired ones.  I was very pleased at the one flower I made and how it all worked out especially after I added the pale pink dusting color to it... So, now it was time to make the 10 Dahlias and the other flowers the customer ordered..
Gumpaste Dahlia arrangement

My customer was very happy and pleased how beautiful they came out... I got a big hug and knew she really did love them..

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