Thursday, August 19, 2010

2010 Orange County Fair

Hi everyone,
Gumpaste flower arrangement
This year I decided to contact the fair and see if I could display my gumpaste (sugar) flowers. When I met with the culinary department they were thrilled to see what I do and have me share it as an exhibitor. I was more than excited. I created 1 gumpaste floral arrangement in a vase and 2 cakes for the display. In additon to contacting the culinary deptartment I contacted the floral deptartment to see if they might be interested in gumpaste flowers displayed. It is always hard to describe what I do over the phone, so I made an appointment and showed them just exactly what gumpaste flowers are.
Large white gumpaste rose

They were very impressed and couldn't believe one could make life like flowers out of sugarpaste. They liked the orchids and roses I made and wanted to display a wedding cake with them too. The cake came out wonderful and I added some berries, leaves, and succulents to the arrangement. I also entered a cake in the cake decorating contest and recieved divisional winner with my cake of tropical flowers. Lastly, I am doing a gumpaste flower demo at the fair on August 1st . All in all this was more than exciting and I am so glad the Orange County Fair gave me this opportunity.


  1. Hello, Shaile;

    When I first looked at all your beatiful and stunning works, couldn't help saying they are exquisite in the deepest sense of this word. They are so BEAUTIFUL. I do hope to be able to learn from you this art if possible.

  2. Thank you so much for saying how beautiful my gumpaste flowers are. I love to make them and that I can make them look as real a fresh flower. If you look at my website you can see more of my gumpaste flowers. I see you do cold porcelain which is very similar and your flowers are stunning as well. I am sure you use some of the same tools as me. Can you email me and find out if cold porcelain and gumpaste are similar. Nice to meet you.