Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Modern Flower

How to make your own Modern Flower

Supplies needed
Tear Drop cutter
Ball tool or celpin
Foam pad
Apply crate or similar

Cut out tear drop shape
Insert Wire
With ball tool or celpin using foam pad or palm of your hand
     -Gently roll tool of your choice around in a circle over the entire petal to hallow it out slighlty so it curves.
Lay in apple crate or similar with a nice curve and let dry.

I make petals in odd numbers per layer.
Continue as large as you want the flower with any size petals
You can use each size or skip one for a more dramatic look and less petals

Just keep in mind the larger they are the heavier they are and a bit more tricky to wire 
Use the right size gauge wire (strong enough to hold the petal)