Thursday, August 23, 2012

My Fantasy Tulip

I learned this variety of tulip is known as a 
Peony Tulip since it looks like a Peony.

I was searching on line about Tulips and the different colors and types. Just like many flowers there are many varieties and colors... that is what poses the problem for me always, which one and what color do I want to make in sugarpaste???

I came across this beautiful Tangerine color one that really didn't look like a tulip that I am familiar with.  I thought it was just beautiful and had to recreate it in sugar.

They seem to first produce yellow petals as you can see at the base,
 then turn into that beautiful sherbet color..

I didn't have tulip veiners but just had to make this flower anyway and decided I would use the tools and cutters I have and recreate it the best I can.

What I used

A basic leaf cutter
Jem veining tool
Veiner of a flower that looked like a tulip but just not quite.
Apple crate for drying
A lot of shades of orange, pink, yellow, and some green

Here is the what I made and call it my Fantasy Tulip

Since I didn't have the proper veining tools the petal changed shape while veining them by hand with my Jem tool.. I was consistent and was very happy with the end result.. 

Back to the drawing board to create a real double tulip in sugar...

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