Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Modern Style Flower

My friend Christy of Simply Layered Cake Design 
has requested this particular flower many times.

Christy was describing the flower she wanted as sort of a Modern Peony. Big, bold and simple with no frilling of the petals..something that was Modern!!! I was looking at her with this look that said WHAT???  She knows I make flowers that look real with detail and lots of frills and this was going way outside my box. So, I listened to her description and this is what I ended up making.  It was without frills Big and Bold and really looks Modern.  She has requested this flower several times since and have come to love to make it.

Gumpaste Modern Flower (Peony Style)

Simply Layered won Best Dessert again this year at the Taste of HB

I think we are going to have make this her signature flower 
and name it.. 

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