Sunday, August 4, 2013

Orange County Fair 2013

Another Fantastic year at the Orange County Fair

It's coming to a close, just one week left. I didn't realize how fast it has gone by.

I have met some really great people plus reunited with those who I have met the past couple of years. Each day I am there it just flies by while I demonstrate to many interested people the sugar flowers I make. So many haven't seen or heard of sugar flowers and are very interested in how they are made and how they can look so real.

Some shots of me at the fair this year

Shaile's Edible Art 2013 Orange County Fair

Shaile's Edible Art demonstrating at the Orange County Fair 2013

Shaile's Edible Art sugar flower display 2013 Orange County Fair


  1. Hi

    You look really great! I've just read your recent posts. I found your sugar flowers in the July 28th page so beautiful. I'm happy to know that you have a lot of classes and are enjoying teaching sugar flowers there. Looking forward to seeing your new sugar flowers!!

  2. Hi Sapphire.. so very good to hear from you. I am starting to come on here more regularly now. I miss seeing all your beautiful photos. Thank you so much and I do have some new flowers to post.
    Talk soon