Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Gumpaste Hydrangea Tutorial

Quick and simple method to create gumpaste hydrangeas

Gumpaste Hydrangea

I had a last minute order for gumpaste hydrangeas to fill the top tier of a  6" cake.  
I normally make hydrangeas with individual cutters, so I needed find a quicker method. 

You will need:
Gumpaste color of your choice
Four petal cutter
Silk veining tool
Small rolling pin - I use the small celpin
Softening Pad with holes. This helps speed up making the flowers

1. Roll gumpaste over the medium hole of the pad
2. Cut out flower using the 4 petal cutter

3. Place back in the hole on the soft side of the pad
4. Elongate each petal slightly with small celstick rolling from the center out to the end

5. Widen the center part of each petal. 
6. Roll back and forth with the tip of the celpin in the middle for a rounder shape
7. Using the Silk Veining Tool roll over each petal to add texture

8. Use the small celstick to frill just the edges of each petal

9. Add the center of the Hydrangea
10. Allow to dry in the shape you would like.

This is a quick method hydrangea.
The color is added on small sections of the flower to add highlight


  1. Your hydrangea is amazing! Love the color, light blue!!

  2. Thanks again. These are what I call quick hydrangea's and I like them better than the usual ones I make.

  3. they are prettier than the real hydrangeas!

  4. Where can I get this mini 4 pedal cutter?