Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It's all in the details

Long before sugar flowers I was an avid stitcher... I always loved to create art that was very detailed and intricate. It was my visit to Sweden many years ago I first saw Hardanger stitching which originated in Scandinavia I have read. There were table runners, pillow covers, curtains, table doilies and much, much more created with the type of stitching.

This was my first big project and I added clear beads to it

Hardanger two tone thread and clear beads

You begin with linen cloth and stitch the anchor stitches in a ladder pattern. These are the stitches after your pattern is complete you cut out leaving an empty space. Then with a finer thread you add the stitching patterns that create the lace look.

You shouldn't rush while making Hardanger pieces, since you don't want to cut the wrong sides of the anchor stitches. Yes, I have done that before and yes I was able to fix it but it wasn't fun.

I would give these away as gifts but many I have kept. If ever I should stop making gumpaste flowers I just might pick this up again. But, that won't be for a long long time...

Getting creative

3 styles of needle holders
2 sachets and a table doily

As much as I love to stitch, I think I am more hooked on sugar flowers.. One day I will be able to incorporate both into my life..


  1. Ah ha! That explains it for me.
    If you can do this fine work you can do pastry!!
    Unlike some losers out there...giggle :)

  2. Neat! I do not have your patience Shaile. Intricate work indeed.

  3. Long before this I was into Calligraphy...

    Thanks guys!!!