Friday, April 6, 2012


Easter is just a couple of days away and I have been busy creating daffodils in a variety of colors. Every where I go lately they are being sold and with such a variety of colors I see I always find it hard to decide which to choose for my flowers. I am glad I make more flowers than I need so I can play around with the color that much more. My favorite part of making the flowers is adding the color since that is when they really come alive.

Since I am now creating arrangements based on the Ikibana style, and still very much in the  early stages of learning and understanding it I spend a huge amount of time on the Internet. I am looking for ideas and different flower combinations to inspire me and what containers they look nice in. It is fun to see how one flower can be display so many different ways.

Daffodils are a very bold bright little yellow flower with quite the variety of color combinations.  
Here is an example of the many varieties

Here are the lovely daffodils I made. Next, is to choose my design and create a couple of arrangements for this weekend. I will post more pictures when complete.

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