Saturday, December 3, 2011

New flower creations

Yes, I have been busy making some new gumpaste flowers

I get grand idea's I will be able to make many different flowers in a short period of time. But in reality I need to make several petals per flower, then each arrangement needs several flowers plus leaves and buds. So, it turns out it takes a few days to make just one arrangement.

I am in the process of finishing another gumpaste hydrangea in green with some shades of purple. For now here are the ones I have completed. I will be putting them in differenta arrangements shortly after I make a few more pieces to complete them.
Gumpaste golden wings rose
gumpaste slipper orchids

Purple gumpaste hydrangea


  1. I can barely stand to look at my flowers after seeing yours. They are perfection as susal.


  2. Oh your flowers are fascinating as always! Love the color of light yellow of the slipper orchids. I love hydrangeas and yours looks so lovely Looking forward to the completion of them.

  3. Your flowers are fabulous as always! I Absolutely love your hydrangea!