Monday, November 14, 2011

Teaching Gumpaste Flowers

Hello everyone,

I want to thank you for following my blog to see what new flowers I am making and information about what I do.

I started out wanting to only sell gumpaste flowers, but the more demo's I do and the more classes I teach I found I do love to teach gumpaste flowers. I have been searching out places to allow me to teach on a regular basis and meeting with many different people who are in the culinary and flower world.

In the past I would call those I found to meet with but noticed when I just show up with samples of sugar flowers in hand and they can actually see and touch, I have had many more doors open for me.

I had a couple of very nice meetings last week and will update my blog when I hear back from the two businesses I met with. I am working down my list of those I believe would be a great place to demo and teach and look forward to more doors opening.

Thanks again everyone for following me and those who would like more classes thanks for waiting. 

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