Saturday, December 17, 2011

Tulips....more than one species and color

I wanted to make some tulips and only know of the standard variety I see at the florists or at the market.   As I was looking through my flower supplies I found a catalog on tulips which I have had for a few years now. I had only glanced through it but kept it, and I sure am glad since I found different variety of tulips advertised. This led me to the Internet to search further.

Searching for a type of flower takes me longer than actually making them. I have an idea of what colors I want to use then I have to find samples of how they are grown. This is when I kind of go crazy and can't decide. For the tulips here are a few I saved to refer to when adding the color.

closed and open tulip to see shading and center
sample of another variety of tulip with wonderful color
So, after I save several photos I look at the shading and colors and just go for it. I don't always copy the color as I see it and sometimes I combine colors from a couple different flowers. I just like to get ideas and when it is time add the color I have an idea what I want to end up with.

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