Friday, March 2, 2012

Inspiration to create new flowers

Visiting Flower Gardens Inspires me

I just wish there was more time so I could make all the flowers I see when I visit different flower gardens. I have my list going but like most I have a full schedule. If I could sit and make flowers for the majority of my time I most certainly would.

I have visited different gardens to look and learn about the flowers I now create, and the ones I have on my very long wish list. Here are few I like to walk through.

A wonderful place to stroll through is Rogers Gardens

I never get tired of walking around and looking and discovering new plants or ones I have missed on my last visit. I am lucky it is close to where I live

Another beautiful garden is  Sherman Gardens

This garden very deceiving since from the front is looks rather small, but once you walk through the front gate it opens up to a whole world of beauty.

Here is a garden favorite for many and have been visiting this one for years The Huntington Gardens.

There is more than just gardens to see here and have always loved to visit here.

All these are worth a visit and also repeat visits.  I get very excited and so inspired to rush home and create some of the flowers I see. But, I have to work my way down the list I have going as I also keep adding to the flowers I still want to make.


gumpaste slipper orchids


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