Friday, March 2, 2012

Finishing the Moth Orchid

Lastly, to complete your Moth Orchid you will now add the color and assemble. The beautiful Moth Orchid needs little color. You can make the color as deep or as soft as you would like.

Adding Color
  • With a flat brush starting at the bottom of the petal, using little color on the brush. Brush from the bottom up fading as you brush towards the top of the petal. Use a mid bright yellow. 
  • Add color to all the petals
  • Adding color to the throat. Dust the inside starting from the middle to the outer edges. You can decide how much you would like to color.
  • Adding the spots and markings. Use a magenta or burgundy dusting color or a mixture of the two and add a couple of drops of clear alcohol to make a paint. With a fine tip brush dip in and paint dots and lines on the inside. You can refer to a real one to see how it looks. 
  • Let the paint dry before assembly


  • First wire the anther cap to the throat with floral tape
  • Next, wire the top petal referred to as head, followed by the two large wing petals, and lastly the two lower petals referred to as the legs.
  • Now your flower is all complete


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  1. Which cutters and veiner do you use? Looks amazing!