Sunday, July 3, 2011

Simply Layered

It is a small world indeed

By chance I ran into Christy Platt owner of Simply Layered  when we were both working in the same business complex. We knew each other from "Let Them Eat Cake" in Costa Mesa a cake shop we both interned together at a few years ago, but haven't seen each other since. She has gone on to start her cake business and I now make custom sugar (gumpaste) flowers. 

It was just the right timing we met since she needed someone to make sugar flowers. Her passion is baking and designing cakes and mine of course are the sugar (gumpaste) flowers. As much as I love to create flowers my way,  realistic I know Christy likes a more modern take to incorportate in her cakes and we have been working extremely well together.

Here are some dramatic red orange Cymidium Orchids without much of the detail I typically add. I do love the coloring of it.

Red Orange gumpaste Cymidium Orchid


  1. Your "Red Orange gumpaste Cymidium Orchid" is amazingly beautiful! I love the whole design as well as the color of the flowers. "It was just the right timing .." There is a right time for everything!! The elegance and refined beauty of your works always make me feel good. Thank you Shaile for sharing this lovely lovely sugar flowers!

  2. Love the orange color and the flowers themselves! Amazing work of art Shaile!

  3. Thanks everyone... I love bright bold colors.. I tend to make soft colored flowers but seeing such striking colors I think I will make some others..