Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Modern style Peony

Another flower order request was for a modern take on the Peony.. They wanted it big, bold, and white.. I have to admit I can get stuck in making sugar flowers only realistic. I do have fun going outside my box and creating something new, not knowing if the end result will be what they explained or what I like to do.. So far each time I have made a flower the customer has been happy.

Sometimes it is harder to make a flower without frills or without any details. Why? Because after I cut out the petal I want to make it into something different instead of just slightly giving it some softness. Then when I see it sitting in the drying area sort of plain I wonder if I should just add a bit of movement? Then I say to myself, this is what the client ordered. I can always make another my way.

I was very pleased how it turned out and how it looks on their cake. Being the petals were so big assembling them was sort of a challenge. It can get quite bulky and heavy fast.

Modern gumpaste Peony


  1. Love your webpage. Your work is fantastic. Is there any chance that you will be making a DVD to sell? Can you give us your gumpaste recipe? Thanks.

  2. Thanks Nurainie...

    Dobby I will post the gumpaste recipe later tonight. I have been considering making DVD's. Thanks for liking what I do..