Friday, March 4, 2011

Lovely Little Lilacs

I really hoped I had made enough of these little flowers to make a huge arrangement since I was making them for hours... when all was said and done it seems I made 4 small bunches which I could have assembled in a tighter fashion. But, being anxious to finish them I opted to leave them as they are. I will make more of them and rewire them into tighter fuller bunches and take more pictures to compare.

Just the color I wanted

I last posted the lilacs made, but patiently waiting for the color to be added, the leaves to be made and assembled. Here is stage 2 adding the dusting powder which I normally like to add in layers. I do mix colors but also layer the colors to give them a more natural look. The lilac leaves are a rather bright green in one shade. I still mixed the greens I have to get a green I liked.

Adding the different colors

Color added and ready to assemble

pale green gumpaste to start then add shades of green

All colored added now assembly time
The last stage is assembly which of course everyone is always anxious to get to. At least the first time making a flower I can say I get anxious. I just can't wait to see if they come out how I expected them to or if I need or really want to remake them.  But of course the more you make a flower the better you get and can fine tune any part of them you aren't happy with or change the way you make them.

Lovely little lilacs

I think these will  make great filler flowers and are very cute and fun to make.. I will make some more in a pale shade of pink and put them with the next larger flower I am going to make.. so, come back to see what I create next.  I will also post more pictures of a fuller bunch of lilacs.


  1. In fact, the color of the flowers looks like that of real flowers!! So glad to see your process of making them. I can't wait to see the next larger flower!

  2. Thanks BusterBabe.. I have been on here more posting away.. I am going to post the arrangement here today as well with the lilacs...

  3. Purple is my favorite color.. and flower making is my hobby.. i really love your work.. lovey pictures :)
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  4. Lovely little lilacs are shown on the post here. Have a lookat it

    1. Hi.. sorry for the late response. Which lilacs are you referring to look at?