Sunday, March 20, 2011

The 4 and 5 petel cutter

I made Dendrobium orchids and filler flowers all in white. I can get a bit carried away with making filler flowers making them as detailed and exciting as the main flower. This time I decided to go with the basic 4 and 5 petal cut out flower. But, I didn't want them all the same round shape, so after I sofented the edges I pinched the tips of a few, curved some and ended up with a few different styles using just the one cutter.

This would be a good flower to make for those who never worked with gumpaste but would like to learn or give it a try. It is cut, softened, shaped and dried.. which is the basis for most if not all the flowers I make.

gumpaste cutters and tools

I roll out the gumpaste  on the pad which leaves a length of paste on the back to add the wire in and then cut it out.

rolled out gumpaste

cutting out the flower

You can see the extra paste through the cutter formed in the hole in the pad. You can do this by hand as well.
Softening the edges gives them a more realistic look. It also smooths any messy edges

Softening the gumpaste petals

After the wire is added to the gumpaste flower and the edges are softened and shaped slightly it is laid in the former till it dries to keep its shape.

gumpaste filler flower drying

Using the same round 4 petal cutter I was able to get different shapes and looks.

Filler flowers using same cutter


  1. you do pretty amazing work..... posted more pics of orchids as I attended an orchid show in Northbrook, IL this past weekend... thanks for leaving a comment and I will check your blog out more often... again you are an amazing artist.

  2. I love to make orchids in sugar.. thanks for checking me out. I will post more sugar orchids in the next couple of days. I am going to make pansy orchids next. I will check out your page too for more orchids.. thanks so much!!!

  3. I have been searching all over for these 4 pedal cutters like these in the two sizes. Where did you get yours?

  4. Can you tell me where you got these four pedal cutters? I've been looking everywhere for something exactly like this!

    1. I have not been on my blog for sometime I am sorry. I am updating it and will check messages more often. You can get a 4 petal cutter at here is the cutter number

      NLC361 - NL 4 Petal Blossom Cutter