Sunday, March 24, 2013

Gumpaste Daffodil Tutorial

Gumpaste Daffodil Tutorial

Sometimes I want to make a flower and I don't always have the exact cutters and/or veiners necessary. If am lucky I have something close enough to use. This I found what I used to make the daffodil...

Supplies I used
Round cutter
small leaf cutter
Rolling pins both to roll and hallow out
desden tool
Silk veining tool
28g wire
Celpad with 3 holes (if you don't have this roll a ball of paste into a cone and hallow out)
  • Roll paste over the largest hole and cut shape with a small round cutter (size of the cutter depends on the size of the flower you want) 
gumpaste daffodil tutorial
Roll gumpaste in large hole
Cut out using small round cutter

  • Now you will frill the edges and hallow out the center using the dresden took, silk veining tool and rolling pin. I first hallow it out a bit the celpin. Next I frill the edge with the dresden tool to pull out the tips some, then I use the silk veining tool to smooth. (Try different methods to achieve the look you like)
Hallow out center with celpin

Soften with silk veining tool
    Frill with dresden tool
  • Now you will attach it to center stamens. Add a bit of egg white inside at the base sliding in the stamens. Pinch gently around the base to attach and stand in styrofoam to dry. 

Stamens and bell shape
Center complete

Making the stamens isn't shown
The stamens are made using 30g or 33g wire and rolling a very tiny ball of paste on it. Make 6 of these. The center stamen is made with the same idea except use a heavier wire and leave a tiny ball at the top. Flatten it standing it on the top take a dresden tool or pointed end of smallest celstick and pull out the edges.

  • Using a small basic leaf cutter cut out 6 petals and wire with 28g wire. I veined them using the Stargazer lily veiner which looks very similar. Soften the edges and let dry in cupped shape.

Veining petal
Soften petal after veining
Drying the petals
  • After it is all dry add the color. I added touches of orange around the tips then blended it in with the yellow. Just to highlight. Add yellow over the whole petal if you want a brighter look or you can just leave it. 

Adding Orange Petal dust on edges
Adding Yellow over the Orange

  • You can now wire the entire piece. Tape 3 petals around the base in a triangle arrangement and 3 more below those again in a triangle shape to fill in the gaps.
Yellow gumpaste daffodils
Gumpaste Daffodil


  1. HI Shaile,
    pls tell me is gum paste and fondant are same ???

  2. Hi Preeti, No. gumpaste and fondant are different.