Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Beautiful Open Rose

Flipping the pages of my Gumpaste flower books I came across the open Rose in Pale Pink.  It caught my eye with it soft flowing petals.

Doing a bit of photo research online I save several photos I like to use as reference. Here is just one!

Sample of a real Open Rose

To get started I went through my cutters and tools choosing what I thought might work. I colored my gumpaste and with the photo in front of me and the gumpaste book as reference I began making the flower.

Here are the tools I have decided to use...

Gumpaste Open Rose, Gumpaste Dog Rose
Tools to get started making a Gumpaste Open Rose
and I won't know for sure what works best until I make my first flower.

Cut out the tear drop shape and with the smaller cutter, cut out the tip. I used this method instead of a heart cutter, because it is not as full.

Gumpaste Open Rose, Gumpaste Dog Rose
A Petal

 Then I soften the edges and shape the petal slightly...

Gumpaste Open Rose, Gumpaste Dog Rose
Softening  Petal

I also hand cut the heart shape with scissors to give some petals a different look.

Gumpaste Open Rose, Gumpaste Dog Rose
Cutting out shape

After I soften the petals I shape them and lay them to dry in different shapes.. 

Gumpaste Open Rose, Dog Rose
Drying  petals

I am in the process of completing the Open Roses.. I will post a photo and some additional info in the next blog post at the end of this week...

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