Monday, June 18, 2012

Sugar Flowers and Sharing...

My Passion for Sugar Flowers

Has it really been over 10 years since I started decorating cakes and cookies??? That is when I first learned of sugar flowers and taking my very first class with Nicholas Lodge. Yes, one class one yellow rose changed my path.. 

The top yellow flower is from one of Alan Dunn's books.. I made one in Orange too

Gumpaste Lily in yellow and orange

I was making them for fun quite a while. As I learned more the more I wanted to make and then I began to perfect them. I followed Alan Dunn with his books making many of his flowers learning how to add texture and shaping to bring them to life. Just looking at his photos was so helpful...It was and is very excitng to recreate a flower out of sugarpaste to look so real.

This is from an Alan Dunn's book too, one of my favorites

Over the years I added cutters and veiners to my collection and way too many dusting colors to my supply. Well, not enough dusting colors since I still buy them!!! I am always on the search for veiners and cutters since new products are always coming out. As for the cutters I don't always buy a new one, sometimes I use one from a set I already have or bend a cutter or trim the paste after I cut it out. I can now shape petals with tools I have and can look at fresh flowers and see the details I need to add. It is very interesting at how I look at flowers now, it more like analyzing!!!

Tiny purple orchids from an Alan Dunn book.. These are my favorite orchids to make so far

purple gumpaste orchids

So, it has been slow going but I am beginning to teach this wonderful sugar art. I hope there are many decorators who would love to learn to create lifelike flowers for their cakes. I am glad of all who follow what I do and all the compliments and ideas I am given. I love to look at sugar flowers from other decorators and get ideas or learn something new or different. Yes, I have my favorites too!!!

Look for my info I will post later this week about the classes I will start to offer...



  1. WOW
    I've never seen anything like these!!
    amazing :O

  2. Thanks so much. They are fantastic to make..