Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Writing Blogs...

I very much so enjoy writing blogs !

Gumpaste Tulip

I started blogging to share with everyone the wonderful world of sugar flowers. I certainly had enough photos to post but, not much more than that. I wasn't quite sure what to write about since all I do is make sugar flowers.

I was doing it all for fun and the love of it. And still do!!!

A lot has happened since I began on August 19th 2010, maybe not gigantic YET, but still as I look back I see so many blogs of sharing what I love to do..

Some of my blogs...

The Orange County Fair my first blog. That year I entered the fair and won Best of Show and 1st place for Sugar Flowers. I also did a demo on a peony!!!
I wrote about working with Colette's Catering being their Sugar Flower person when they need that special flower.
I also wrote about flower orders I had, how to make some of the flowers in very brief tutorials, and other flower related things I thought might be of interest.

I will post more about what I am doing, where I will be teaching, where I am selling the sugar flowers and will add a couple brief tutorials of some simpler flowers since I am a one person show doing the making and photo taking..

It would wonderful to know that I am inspiring others who are interested in sugar flowers to continue on and learn this wonderful world of sugar art...

Gumpaste Daffodil



  1. Keep them coming - I love to look at your pictures. That daffodil is amazing :)

  2. Thanks so much, really for reading my posts it means a lot to know. And thanks again for liking my flower photos.. I will keep them coming then!!!