Sunday, October 16, 2011

Sugar flowers for Sale

As you know I sell and teach gumpaste flowers and I have several I have made for displays and demos. After taking photos of them and I unfortunately store them away and it is a shame they are just packed away and hidden in boxes instead of being displayed somewhere or used for an event.

I have quite a few flowers left I would love to sell even though parting with them is sometimes hard. Some can be shipped, but not all due to how delicate they are. If you are intereted please contact me for prices.

Some of the flowers I have are Pink Stargazer Lilies, Yellow Day Lily, Cymbidium Orchids in Pink and Green, Calla Lilies in Pink and White, Gardenia's, Succulents, Hibiscus, Plumeria, Cherry blossoms, berries, and a few other types of flowers.

Here are a couple arrangements I created with a few of the flowers.  I can sell them as you see or just the indivual flowers.

For any of the above flowers I mentioned you can see samples of them on my gumpaste flower page or just ask me about them. I will post more photos as well.

Thanks for taking an inerest


  1. Dear Shaile

    Really elegant arrangements! I always love your color ombinations. The first one is stunningly beautiful! Thank you!

  2. Your flowers and arrangements are amazing! I love it very much!