Wednesday, August 17, 2011

The Orange County Fair 2011 Final Post

Hi Everyone,

Well August 14th was the last day of the fair. I know I have been posting quite a bit about what has been going on so this will be the last post.

I had a fantastic time and experience. Besides the daily demo on gumpaste flowers each day for 4 hours I also did one presentation on the stage, entered two, one day food contests where I won in both 1st place and Best of Show in my category. I was fortunate enough to work next to Chef Ray L. Duey a fantastic vegetable carver. You must see what he creates it is really amazing I will post some pictures in another post.

I have a class coming up in September you can find under classes here on my blog and my website  I had the class info posted during the fair and I am very happy to see the interest in learning custom lifelike sugar flowers.

I think just one of the memorable parts of this experience was being written up in the local Newport Beach/Costa Mesa paper The Daily Pilot  (please click on the link). I came to find out it is part of the LA Times so people saw it there as well. My friends were very excited to see me in the paper. I know I already mentioned I met so many wonderful people interested in knowing what gumpaste flowers are and how they are made. Many have seen them on the Food Network but told me to see them in person was very exciting. I met florists, artists, woodworkers, decorators, and many who were just interested in looking. It was an overall fantastic time. Thanks everyone and hopefully I will be part of the fair in some way next year...

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  1. It was nice to see your smiling face each day at the fair! Keep up the good work, your a great artist!