Tuesday, May 31, 2011

My First Alsterimariea

I love this flower and their colors. I have been wanting to make them for a long while. I don't have the proper cutters.
I decided to search through the many cutters I do have and found a couple that would work.

After a couple of tries with a few cutters I found, I narrowed it down to the two that are working. One is from the  Bamboo Orchid and the other is from the French Tulip.  I trimmed the inner petals to make them thinner and elongated the outer petals and I think I am almost there. I still need to make the yellow center petals a bit thinner and smaller and the outside petals a bit wider but for my first attempt I am pretty pleased. 

Yes, I want them to look just like the sample of the fresh flower I am using. I also have to work on the coloring a bit more to blend the painted lines so they blend more and look more natural.   

Gumpaste Alsterimariea or Gumpaste Peruvian Lily

 This is really wonderful learning to make gumpaste flowers from a fresh sample.

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