Friday, February 11, 2011

Bridal Shows

Sugar flowers seem to be somewhat new to Southern California or the type of custom sugar flowers I create. I have attended several bridal shows to introduce sugar flowers for wedding cakes. I was amazed at how many brides have never seen them before.

Sugar flowers displayed at a Bridal show

There benfefit to having them as opposed to fresh flowers are they can be kept indefenitely to remember your very, very special day. And also make a wonderful keepsake you can display.

Sugar flowers aren't only for wedding cakes remember. They add that extra WOW factor to any cake... 

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  1. Bridal shows are really interesting and fun to arrange. Few days ago have arranged my friend’s bridal shower at Los Angeles wedding venues. Had amazing themed party where all my guests were entertained with interesting games. Really had a great time there.