Sunday, December 12, 2010

Blue Orchids

When you think of orchids you don't necessarily think blue.. but, I had an order for rather large orchids with a deep but subtle blue color. I was very concerned something might go wrong which I don't normally worry about. So, I made extra flowers just in case and what do you know? I didn't need them.

I began to dust the practice petals I usually have with the different shades of blues. I combined blues, added white to soften the deep blues and finally found the color I wanted. I should write down the colors I use like I say every time I make a flower but I think it is nice to always have them a bit different.

After much stress and time finding the color I finally started applying it to the orchids.. I started with a very pale dusting, then after I completed one entire flower I did like how it came out. I had several to color and decided to make them all different shades of the blue to give some contrast. All in all I was very pleased and happy to say so was the caterer. I had also made several loose petals to lay around the tiers of the cake like they had fallen off the orchids.

Orchids in shades of blue
 The one disappointing part is I only took a couple of pictures of the flowers before I delivered them.  I think I shall contact the caterer and see if she took any photos.


  1. ogm. these are gorgeous. I love orchids and these are really beautiful. I love that you made them with unusual color for orchids. I wish I could do that. I adore blue and yellow.

  2. So lovely! Blue is rare and precious in the Orchid family, isn't it?

  3. I couldn't find any blue orchids anywhere and just decided to go with what the caterer said her customer wanted. I ended up really liking them. Thanks so much..

  4. im looking for blue orchids and yellow roses that can be edible for my wedding cake. if you could make me some that would be awesome!!